Heaven is my memory of the sky, a sweet and milky perfume.

The most precious treasure in Alexandre.J’s extravagant collections is a hot air balloon. It is one of the oldest, decorated with golden arabesques.
He named it Heaven, in tribute to their celestial voyages. Each airborne outing is like a ticket to paradise. It is hard to come back down to earth.
Luckily, he is still perfumed with the cottony scent of the clouds; otherwise no one would believe he took these fabulous trips.

A celestial perfume, Heaven puts clouds in a bottle. Cold and snowy, a glacial orange blossom reigns softly over its cottony wake.

“La Pâte de verre” is an exceptional process for unique object.
The nature inspires glass masters who use petals or foliage to create their design. Collecting the silicone at first, plants give to the mould their delicate forms. Then the molten glass and the sprinkled pigments slip into the pattern. The power of the fire melts them slowly.
20 days after firing (860°C), the craftsman breaks the mould to reveal the exact replica of nature; crystallized to last forever.


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