Recalling unique moments, the Collectors are my olfactory travelling diaries. Alexandre.J

Mix between the Oriental desert and the French baroque architecture, this collection of 8 fragrances evokes a timeless journey, the warmth of elements and the change of scenery. It focuses on a magical place talking to everyone’s imagination. Sensual and sophisticated, the fragrant composition is an invitation to a journey of both the mind and body.


Around a common olfactory architecture, in its own way each Collector resonates floral, fruity and woody, musky notes.

Zafeer Oud Vanille is a delicious perfume: caramelised vanilla with hints of coconut.

Rose Oud is ultra-feminine, unveiling a sparkling rose.

Golden Oud is a solar perfume, thanks to its oriental, woody notes.

Black Muscs embodies chic amber, allied with fruity, floral notes.

Silver Ombre captivates due to the opulence of its oriental amber rose.

Morning Muscs seduces with energising notes, fruity and musky.

As a camera, Argentic captures the time, freezes an instant and awakes strong emotions. Each memory is revived eternally in a flash of woody power.

Iris Violet is a feminine, young and sophisticated scent. The brilliant and sophisticated colour of Iris Violet reveals a charming and joyous flower; the exhilarating iris.

All the splendours of the Gardens of Alhambra take shape behind the sensual wisps that waft from Mandarine Sultane. In the opulence of citrus fruits, musk and jasmine, this fragrance reveals all of the promises of the Garden of Earthly Delights.


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