The Artists Workshop concept aims at bringing talents from different backgrounds together to a common project: the exceptional perfumery. In 2018, Alexandre.J reinterprets his most beautiful successes through an ephemeral collection realized by artists of the contemporary scene.

Consequently, Africa and Asia are highlighted through 5 bottles illustrated with modern screen printing techniques.

Stew, street artist influenced by Asia, put Asian art scene through a nature in black and white.

Lola Mercier, a textile artist imbued with African culture, is distinguished by the use of bright colors to paint animal power and ritual beauties.

Pauline Remy, designer for the Maison Alexandre.J has thus staged Asian decorative elements such as the delicate tea cultures.

It is a meeting between scents, a collection with artists, with a craftsman and a know-how.

Lola Mercier

"I had carte blanche with regard to creation. One constraint: the black and white. My work on design is oriented towards this lack of color so it was not a real constraint for me. The perfumes -E-1 and -E- 2 immediately inspired a desire for freedom and lightness. So I opted for a bird and a landscape in the clouds." Stew

"The juice-E-3 with lively and enveloping notes has an animal and masculine connotation. The contrasting colors and the lines that merge or stand out evoke the meeting of the savannah's wild spirit. For -E-4 I wanted to end up with a drawing that was both strong and graceful, just like what inspired me in the brief of this juice with sweet notes and characters. The almost animal symmetry, voluptuous and tribal forms evoke the inspiration of African rites." Lola Mercier

"The Asian culture is very much inspired by nature and to illustrate the perfume -E- 5, I wanted to transcribe these landscapes, these flowers that are found in prints." Pauline Remy

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