Alexandre.J – A Journey into Glamorous Dubai

Extremes, luxury, style, and more – Dubai is such a special place that over 16 million visitors each year simply cannot resist its charm. Alexandre.J as a traveler was struck with wonder and awe at how the once sand-laden port evolved into a dazzling benchmark of entrepreneurship and global tourism today which got him thinking, ‘This is it; we absolutely have to be in on this.’

Recognizing the importance of Dubai’s leading travel destination profile, the Brand initially and strategically entered the Dubai Duty-Free. This allowed us to ‘test the waters’ bearing in mind that niche perfumery back then was gradually making its way into the middle east and at the same time, our presence in travel retail gave us the privilege of exposure as globe trotters shop around for gifts or are simply trying to pass the time while waiting to board. Needless to say, the positive response we established opened a lot of doors for the Brand having partnered with renowned department stores such as Bloomingdale’s Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, and even got us a sweet spot in the tallest building in the world in collaboration with Atmosphere Burj Khalifa. By 2016 the Brand ventured into its own retail network with the opening of the first Alexandre.J Pavilion at The Dubai Mall. The relatively new concept that reflects the artist’s state of mind was warmly welcomed, and by 2018 the Brand is present in 11 prestigious locations all across the UAE.

Perfume is known to have deep roots in middle eastern society. It’s probably why globally successful brands such as Dior and Chanel put in a lot of effort in this market, to say the least. Fragrance campaigns run in all mediums, especially when digital marketing started to skyrocket. Perfume stores are at large, and competition is tough but the gifting culture in the region pairs well with our flair for beautiful packaging, and because of the fast-paced demand for something new, we are inspired to keep coming up with unique novelties giving us unlimited opportunities in terms of creation. Our Dubai clientele deeply appreciates the special care we put into each product and how we take customer satisfaction to the core; and as part of our desire to cultivate the connection, we aim to educate consumers by organizing perfume workshops, intimate get-togethers, and interactive events which had been well-received by new and existing customers alike.

Dubai is undeniably an important part of our overall growth; aside from the boundless possibilities it offers, our journey in this stunning city has given us plenty of elbow room to broaden our marketing strategy and 4Ps which only makes sense because Dubai won’t be Dubai if not for its glorious mix of beautiful cultures and heritage! These past eight years in the city further ignited our desire for creation and innovation. We are indeed proud and grateful for having been able to build and share our success story not only in Dubai but in the entire UAE.