Alexandre.J & Harrod’s : A Partnership Beyond Opulence

Alexandre.J x Harrod’s : A Partnership Beyond Opulence

As the world’s leading luxury emporium, Harrods delivers a memorable experience for customers. Personality and authenticity sets them apart, paying mind to cultures, backgrounds, tastes and experiences. Established in 1834, Harrods has a rich history of expansion and growth, making them the most famous department store in London.

The globally renowned brand is fond of extravagant decoration: statues, fountains and halls adorned with different motifs galore and is known to be one of the most exclusive department stores around the world. In case you didn’t know, the world’s first escalator was installed in Harrods in 1898 – making them an early advocate of innovation and technology.

We at Alexandre.J can get quite selective when it comes to collaboration and partnerships. Being a niche brand can be uniquely challenging, as we strive to protect and grow our brand with extraordinary creativity, and composure – yet we crave for more.

Our highest consideration in terms of a partnership is shared values:

  • Harrods perfectly matches Alexandre.J’s core essence of art as they believe ‘in the Art of the Possible, to challenge the conventional view of what is possible and turn delivery into an art form.
  • Alexandre.J delves into cultures to give life to objects and tell their stories, while Harrods stand by the fact that their people sets them apart.
  • Harrods believes there is great reward in going further, pushing for greater and exceeding expectations in the same way Alexandre.J pushes beyond limits to consistently deliver creativity and authenticity.
  • Alexandre.J is proficient in history and basks in the pleasure of sharing comprehension through his work while Harrods continuously builds knowledge and cherishes their relationships to be trusted experts and guides.
  • Both Harrods and Alexandre.J are proud of our heritage.

Besides, who doesn’t want to collaborate with the temple of luxury in the British capital?! We all know Harrods is home to some of the world’s grandiose brands. Maisons are challenged to double up on their talent to stand out. When you’re next to the greats, know-how simply won’t cut it. This made Alexandre.J thrilled to find new ways to be unique and better than ever.

Harrods is simply breathtaking, but among its magnificence, the Harrods Food Hall caught our eye. A look up at the ceiling showcases the beautiful Art Nouveau tiles created by William Neatby in 1902. Inspiration struck: Alexandre.J = France, Harrods = England… both have had a fair share of the opulent movement (a.k.a. Art Nouveau) so, let’s find a common ground, shall we?

La Belle Époque ran its course from the 1870s to the beginning of World War I, and was at its height in Paris in the 1890s and 1900s.  A period of great optimism and cultural innovation, it was an euphoric time for art, and a new architectural movement that swept across Europe – Art Nouveau literally meaning, “New Art” which was first introduced around 1880 of the British Arts and Crafts movement. Art Nouveau reached its peak at the Paris International Exposition in 1900 with Hector Guimard’s conspicuous Art Nouveau metro stations.

The spectacular era was short-lived indeed… but wouldn’t it be great to revisit such a lavish period in history again, and again… and again?

Alexandre.J, in partnership with Harrods proudly introduces Art Nouveau Collection; an exclusive, custom-made quintet of scents designed to appeal to discerning fragrance lovers. Alexandre.J is reinventing the notion of fragrance by transforming it into an ultimate object of luxury. Each of the five fragrances in this extraordinary collection has its own distinct identity, a true reflection of this encounter between a designer with a passion for art and a department store like no other.

Alexandre.J is a worldwide brand that offers unique luxury, and we are delighted to collaborate with Harrods – where creativity and resilience make anything possible.