Letter to Santa !!

Dear Santa,

I know I’m probably too old to believe in traditional figures let alone write to one, but with everything that’s going on in the world right now, tradition sounds like a plan, so here goes…

I hope you’re well rested from delivering presents last year. As I write this, I’m pretty sure the elves are working away to get ready for the holidays. I would have you know that I have been very good this year without even thinking about staying off your naughty list!

I could think of so many things I would love to find under the tree come Christmas morning, but I’m writing down a few on top of my head!

  1. A beautiful statement jewelry piece.
  2. A nice trip or staycation
  3. A chance to go on a shopping spree!

I would really love it if you could bring me at least one of these things this year, Father Christmas! I wish you a very happy holiday season!


P.S. I promise to leave some extra cookies and milk out for you and the reindeers!


Santa replies…

My dear sweet believer!

Ho-ho-ho! No one’s ever too old to hold on to some magic, you must be proud of yourself! You are right; indeed, the elves and I are very busy getting everything together in time for the holidays. I am really excited to be visiting you.

So, I made my list and checked it twice and it says that you have been nice! Well done! I have also gone over your wish list; you’ve got some wonderful items on there, but I have a couple of propositions to make!

  1. A lot of lads and ladies wished for a beautiful statement jewelry piece so we’re running out of stock. Mrs. Klaus has got time to make some more, but I’ve got something even better. How about a Black Beetle EDP inspired the by Art Nouveau aesthetic? This could honestly be your next signature scent and that’s worth a whole lot more than a statement!
  2. Everything’s outrageously overbooked during the season, but have you thought about a little trip to the Gardens of Alhambra in Spain with Mandarine Sultane? You can get lost in the experience of jasmine and white flower scents and keep that experience with you for even longer!
  3. What do you think about spending a day at Harrod’s so you can get a nice picture on the famous Egyptian escalators while holding your shopping bags? Make sure you grab a bottle or two of Oriental Enigma for that theatrical effect!

I know you only asked for one but since you rank at the top of the nice list, I’m happy to grant you all three and more! You can visit Alexandre J and check out their giftsets, take your pick and let me know which ones you fancy! I’m sure you’ll love them all.

Well then, Rudolph can’t wait for those cookie treats! I hope you remember to leave out some carrots too!

Have a very Merry Christmas!