Perfumes & Chocolates for Easter… Who Would’ve Thought?

Despite clichés, chocolate eggs are the ultimate Easter symbol. The holiday is almost upon us! As with all other years, it’s a good time to exchange chocolate eggs with family and friends. Whether it’s homemade or bought, it is definitely one of every chocolate-lover’s favorite time of the year. If you’re up for change and wondering what to give your loved ones this Easter, we’ve got wonderful news that might just make your day!

Alexandre.J had always been keen on partnering with brands, organizations, and companies that share the same core values as ours.  For the special occasion of Easter, we wanted to find a way to connect the hearty tradition of gifting chocolates with what we know best: luxury perfumes. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with French chocolatier, Edwart.

Edwart takes us on a captivating adventure through sequences and layers of chocolatey impressions. Much like Alexandre.J, Edwart puts a lot of value on the raw materials: their chocolates are made of only the best ingredients, gathered from the equatorial line. Customer service is their top priority as well, with a very educational approach. It’s not enough for consumers to succumb to the deliciousness of their flavors – taking them on a journey of artisanal, fine, subtle, and sequenced chocolates is just as important. These similar principles and attribution toward excellence makes this such an exciting partnership between Edwart and Alexandre J.

For Easter, Alexandre.J has selected four of Edwart’s delectable creations and paired them up with our very own Majestic Collection for that lush gift combo your loved ones will absolutely treasure!


The infusion of bay leaf associated with chocolate offers a fruity and herbaceous attack followed by light vegetal and spicy notes. 

Best paired with: THE MAJESTIC VETIVER

The Majestic Vetiver captures the undeniable elegance and creative energy of the French Riviera. Opening with sparkling notes of grapefruit, cardamom, and basil, the base notes of oud wood, vetiver, and suede lend warm depth.


A nice duality between Madagascan Voatsiperifery pepper (spicy) and Tasmanian pepper (more vegetal). 

Best paired with: THE MAJESTIC JARDIN

The Majestic Jardin brings spicy floral tones to the forefront. The sophisticated scent opens with notes of almond, joined by rich cherry and the spicy hint of black pepper blend beautifully with other notes gives you surprisingly a fresh and complex woody tone.

AMAZONE (VANILLA) Subtle but powerful, sweet but assertive, this wild vanilla from Ecuador “Sylvester” is extremely complex.

Best paired with: THE MAJESTIC MUSK

The musky fragrances mingle with the smell of powder compacts. The sweet powdery vanilla makes this perfume undoubtedly seductive and unique.

FUMET (DARK CHOCOLATE FROM PAPUA) A pure monovarietal plantation from Papua New Guinea, this terroir is subtly sweet and fruity then stronger, earthy and smoky.  

Best paired with: THE MAJESTIC OUD

The Majestic Oud is tinged with fruity patchouli wrapped in sumptuous oud. This fascinating perfume opens with sumptuous blackcurrant and raspberry, coupled with sage, amber, and oud for that smokey vibe.

It’s true that we are currently living complicated times between a merciless virus, lock downs, and trying not to go insane with confinement within the home. It somehow makes it difficult to think of celebrations, but what better way to overcome the negativity and throw ourselves into cheerful vibes and positive thinking? Sharing some delight with friends and family can definitely lift spirits and are always “good for the mood”.