The Perfume Extract: Indescribable Luxury That Marks the Great Classics Of Yesterday And Tomorrow

When it comes to concentration, there are different variations around a fragrance: eau de parfum, eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, eau de toilette, eau fraîche, eau de senteur… and the perfume extract. We’re putting the spotlight on the latter – perfume extract is known to be the most concentrated perfume product that currently exists. So, what exactly is it?

At the beginning of the 20th century, perfume was often formulated as an extract. Raw materials were combined to form a rich essence. The ‘true soul’ of a fragrance, it is the ultimate gem and luxury to perfumery. Generally, extracts contain more precious and rare natural ingredients, their formulation and process can also be more complex.

The raw materials of the perfume extract are orchestrated in such a way as to obtain very intense heart notes and base notes. A perfume extract has so much presence and power, a few drops are enough to give one that long-lasting scent, especially if applied directly on the skin.

Eau de Parfum vs Extrait de Parfum

Perfume Extract has a greater percentage of raw materials which makes it feel “oilier” compared to eau de parfum. Extracts are normally packaged in smaller vials or bottles due to its valuable composition and steep price. While EDP are concentrated between 7-30% tops, perfume extracts are concentrated from 20-50% – that’s a huge difference!

When is it best to apply the perfume extract?

A very light touch is all you need. A small dose of extract is a presence that’s more intimate yet discreet. It’s alchemy with the skin is harmonious and surprising. It is normally advised to use perfume extract in the evening, but a little dab here and there is absolutely perfect from day till night. Wearing perfume extract in the morning is actually a good idea – the ingredients of the extract will blend into your skin as the day wears on and you’ll have a unique scent all day long. So, don’t deprive yourself by saving it for the evening!

How should I apply perfume extract?

Traditionally, perfume extract is applied indirectly on clothing. About 2 to 3 drops of the oil in the inner wrists, gently rubbing them together and going all over the clothing and the neck. This reduces the chances of cloth stains and spreads the scent all over, instead of focusing on one spot.

If you’re up for a stronger scent, directly applying it all over the body also works – take a few drops in your inner wrists and rub against the earlobes, jawline, or ends of hair.

Layering yourself with a matching EDP after applying perfume extract gives you a lasting wake. Form a large triangle with the fragrance: from your hair, on the inside of your jacket and up its hem or spray a cloud of perfume that you can simply walk into. Applying other complimentary products such as cream, body lotion, etc… also works in extending the lasting effect.

Just like eu de parfum, eau de toilette, and others, perfume extract acts differently on every person. Each skin has its own scent which varies through factors like pH level, a person’s diet, level of activity, medications taken (if any), and others. The smell of your skin mingles with the base notes to create an almost magical fusion, giving it a scent of its own.


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