Art Deco Makes a Comeback!!

We all know how trends  and inspirations make their way in and out over decades or even centuries. This time, the roaring twenties take the spotlight as the Art Deco Period seduces the world once again with its dazzling elegance, refined forms, and glamorously chic style.

An Era of Beauty and Sophistication

Between 1920 to 1939, Art Deco introduced a new concept of beauty in the artistic world, based on brightly colored decorations, geometric shapes, and simple yet exquisite lines. Craftsmen wanted to break the austerity that characterized the post-war period. Noble materials were used such as crystal, silver, jade, lacquer and ivory, fading into industrial materials like chrome and plastic. The primary goal is to meet the needs of the population by combining elegance and functionality; thus, we saw the birth of the club chairs with round, deep, and comfortable lines. Back in the day, Art Deco was synonymous with renewal, a rebirth – a booming era of industrialization, mobilization, and the beginnings of aviation and new technology.  

The iconic Art Deco style (also referred to as “Style Moderne”) is an aesthetic that is fairly easy to recognize. Art Deco architecture in particular stands out in comparison to other periods. Its movements are primarily established by Bauhaus, Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism and spanned its influences across the globe into the biggest cities from New York to China. Art Deco was inspired and urged by the aggressive desire to move ahead and look forward to the future. In 1925, the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts was held in the heart of the French capital, Paris – the 24-hectre exhibit lasted for six months. Millions of people clamored to see the works of more than 15,000 artists. This propelled the movement further into the world of freedom with significant, undeniable impact.

Celebrating a Century of Magnificence

Alexandre.J looks back and pays homage to 100 years of Art Deco and how the style has continually made itself relevant over decades. The brand launched its Art Deco Collection in 2020 – a selection of six sophisticated fragrances reflecting on the era’s visual arts, architecture, and design. The perfume is packaged with an opulent silk in gold color, and each bottle is elaborately designed as a tribute to the period; from its openwork mesh mimicking the veil fashioned by women, the cap with curved lines reminiscent of gracefully rounded furniture, the geometric pattern that offsets the arabesques, and the bright colors that mirrors the lively spirit of the Roaring 20’s.

The story behind each fragrance is equally remarkable and bears a nod to Art Deco period. Take The Majestic Oud for example: this luxury perfume takes us back to Josephine Baker’s Parisian nights, when artists and intellectuals rub shoulders in cabarets to the tune of jazz on the rise with its sensual fragrance tinged with fruity patchouli wrapped in sumptuous oud.

Art Deco’s vision of a glamorous future and streamlined designs inspired consumer tastes for luxury. The extravagance and splendor of the era fed the yearning to continuously innovate, which is why Art Deco remained to be pertinent through the years. It is in fact, one of the lasting styles over the past decade, and has become deep-seated into our daily lives that we have become oblivious to it. Alexandre.J aims to draw attention to this beautiful modern style and renew high hopes for the future through art.

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