Will You Be Our Valentine? A Celebration of Love with Alexandre J

Floating hearts, flower bouquets on a price hike, flashing neon pink light bulbs at every corner – there’s no escaping it, you know it’s coming and fast-approaching. V-day is the day for the lovey-dovey romantic in all of us.
Back in the day in ancient Rome, Valentine’s day (or however they called it, if they even called it anything) was a pagan festival of love and fertility.

Nowadays, it is often regarded as a commercialized holiday where malls, magazines, ads, and pretty much anything and everything is decorated and designed to remind us of our “loving duties” – and with that, expectations are at peak come February 14th. Whether you are single, dating, married, or “it’s complicated”, everyone’s seeing red and admit it or not we somehow expect to receive something – it can be as cheesy as a musical greeting card or a sweet little note, but at least something. Even toddlers are thrilled to make cut-out hearts basted in glitters! Okay, no matter how cliché you might think Valentine’s Day is, there’s no denying the excitement and pressure that comes along with it. At the end of the day, it’s a party of love, love, love!

If you’re browsing for the perfect gift for your significant other and have already used up your flowers and chocolates card, then how about a luxury perfume that not only shows but “smells” like your undying love? (yes, we’re giving you a subtle wink right there) Well we’re here and we’ve made it our duty to play cupid and find you your match in terms of the best perfume for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s touch base on a few obvious factors here: seduction, passion & femininity. With that in mind, Alexandre.J has lined up three of the top fragrances that’ll certainly pull at the heartstrings.

The Sophisticated Seduction of Majestic Jardin

Oh, la-la… as if the sultry packaging wasn’t enough with red wild silk, this charmer brings a lot of personality to the table. The spicy floral tones give an elusive “come-hither” air mingled with addictive notes like silky-smooth cherry and warm as a hug vanilla.

The Purposeful Passion of Rose Alba

Mark Antony & Cleopatra ring any bell? Well if you must know, theirs is one of the most famous love stories of all time – one that inspired our tribute to their passionate connection: Rose Alba – a symbol of love, beauty, and romance with irresistible notes of peach and rose that will definitely take you back in time where desire is everything.

The Ferocious Femininity of Coeur Rouge

This sensually hypnotic fragrance may just be the perfect gift for women and men, regardless of occasion. But because we’re partial to Saint Valentin this time, let us give you a little hint. Couer Rouge comes in a heart-shaped bottle in mother of pearl and if that doesn’t spell delicate and precious, then what? Its powerful femininity is amplified with notes of everlasting flower, just like your heart beating with magnanimous love.

All senses considered, if February 14th exists to promote love, then every day should be Valentine’s day. These trying times may be tough on us all, but celebrating love should never be a challenge, and we’ll never let you run out of gift ideas!