What’s in it for 2021? Alexandre.J’s Take on this Year’s Olfactory Trend

As with every season passed, it’s high time when people begin hunting for trends that are sure to be in the top picks as we all blossom into the new year. Perfumery is no stranger to this tradition, and all you fragrance lovers out there are probably all eyes and ears on what’s cooking (or smelling?) for 2021.

Gender-neutral perfumes will be particularly sought after in 2021. This year is bound to be a glorious blend of scents that knows no bounds, capturing the senses and olfactory cravings of men and women alike. It’s a fragrant year of choices that suits any and all occasions. No rules; you do you and let your perfume work its magic!

If you’re on to something specific, our sassy ladies are in for a treat with floral accords. Sensual orchid and powerful Jasmine and freesia combined with a dash of vanilla sweetness, honey, and orange blossom will perfectly express her delicate femininity while boosting that feisty spirit. On the contrary, “fresh” characterizes the best perfumes for men in 2021. The citrus notes that depict almost all fragrances are well balanced by spicy accords and warm woody hints. Notes of cedar, patchouli, vetiver, cinnamon, and pink pepper adds a unique sophistication and infused energy to our gentleman on the go.

Considering current events and the overall effect of the global pandemic, perfumers are carefully shifting trends and are leaning towards a more “healthier” approach with a more “natural” touch. Perfumes for men and women have now transformed into a diversity that constantly evolves with unpredictability. This year more than ever, perfumers and houses play close attention to the naturalness of the ingredients, with notes of organic origin and alcohol of natural source. Clean, safe, natural… fragrances that promote calm and relaxation are particularly making its way into the best perfumes this year. In line with our efforts to reconstruct and live our relatively “new normal”, people find the need to feel protected and reassured. In these trying times we find value in the sense of well-being, a sort of escape; any possible way to improve our mood, motivate positive thoughts and tranquility… perhaps reducing stress through our olfactory perceptions. The term “clean smell” has completely been redefined, and anything that promotes resilience and transmits positive emotion is more than welcome.