Middle Eastern Customers and Perfume Habits

Perfume industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in UAE.  UAE adapt to international trends all the time. Even though local perfume brands are present, they are much more open to discovery. Whether its mild or strong, a perfume comes with unique identification always recognized in the UAE market.  Oriental scents have improved significantly over the years, and people are looking for perfumes of high concentrations with a touch of European expertise. Brand loyalty is out of the question these days and people have been leaning towards change, learning, and trying different things. The current UAE’s perfume industry is modernized oriental, cultural, and educated

Middle East is one of the first markets of the perfume industry, with UAE being right in the heart of it all. UAE was a precursor of niche perfumery worldwide. Like many international perfume houses Alexandre J has incorporated his base in the UAE region.As the world changes, especially considering the current global crisis, the UAE consistently adapts in the way products are being consumed whereas digital takes over retail, people gather information online before actually going into shops, wanting to try other products and experience exclusive services. Innovation is apparent in digitally providing information whether it be on modernised creation or new olfactive trends.

Perfume can be extremely personal based on how each scent interact to individual body. Personalisation in terms of perfume is an ongoing feat that brands and consumers aim to achieve. People always want to “smell” different, to wear a scent that expresses their identity and personality especially in a region where perfume is an important part of cultural identity. Just as sure as women put on their abayas and the men their Kandura, perfume is “personalised” by each individual by adding their own touch of attar and essential oils. Alexandre.J offers a vast range of fragrance which are composed to evolve and change according to the skin of the wearer, making each product more “personal” than ever. Any person can walk into Alexandre J shop and definitely find their particular scent.  Alexandre J aim to educate people by organizing perfume workshops all over the world which adds value to their preference as they learn how to mix their perfume.