Perfume Layering

Did you know that it’s possible to create your own unique trail by mixing up fragrances? Layering wouldn’t be a trend if it weren’t such a convenient hack when it comes to achieving that signature scent that speaks Y-O-U.

Perfume layering is a technique that originated in the Middle East. It’s basically combining several olfactory compositions with the ultimate goal of creating that personalized scent. Now if you think it’s as easy topping bottle after bottle with careless abandon – think again: it’s not as easy as one would think because this practice takes knowledge and a handful of skill! Luckily, we’re here to help get you started.

Getting the Combinations Right

In essence, layering your perfume follows the principle of personal preference. If you love the smell, you’re good to go. But here are a few guides on mingling your fragrance to get that olfactory balance and avoid mishaps:

  • Generally, different types of scented products may be used in layering whether it’s eau de parfum, eau de toilette, hair mist, shower gels, body cream, etc… figure out which products you are fond of using on the daily as this helps in discovering what kind of method or combinations work for you.
  • Try to avoid overwhelming scents to make sure none of the other fragrances are “masked” or overpowered. Start with the most intense scent and work your way down to the lightest to prevent heady juices from overriding the others.
  • Basic Layering is combining one or more complimentary products with perfume. It’s the same concept as putting an outfit together – a piece that doesn’t belong to the “look” you’re aiming for might clash with the rest of your ensemble. You might want to try a rose scented body lotion as base before spraying on a floral fragrance or perhaps a musky bath gel topped with a woody scent. Choosing compositions from the same olfactive family keeps the scents aligned and coordinated.
  • Intermediate Layering pairs body spray with your favorite perfume for a touch of freshness.
  • Ever heard how opposites attract? Yes indeed! Expert Layering is a masterful combination of two fragrances either from the same family of olfactory notes or completely opposite scents.

Opposing Combos that Work:

Fresh & Gourmet : LE ROYAL & IRIS VIOLET





Application Technique

Apart from harmonious combinations, it is important to note that there are application techniques that can enhance layering. The way we apply our perfume plays an important role in achieving a successful composition. As we mentioned in the guide, starting off with the heavy scents and wrapping up with the most subtle ensures an even blend. Try traditionally and strategically applying body lotion or oils in pulse points such as neck, elbow, and wrists then top with your perfume of choice; another method is spraying your combinations in different parts of the body such as misting your hair and spraying perfume on clothing.

Technically, there’s no set rule of thumb when it comes to layering. After all, it is an art of mixing and matching scents which still depends on personal preference. As long as it compliments your individuality and you feel good wearing the fragrances you’ve put together, then you’re good to go! Have fun experimenting!